‘Zohar Book’ Chain earrings



Sterling silver long chain earrings with U- bar and ‘Zohar book’ pendants.

The ‘Zohar book’ is one of the most important ancient spiritual kabbalahistic book ever written in 12th century by Rashbi and his disciples, representing the ten Sefirot while reaching the highest spiritual degree.

Studying the ‘Zohar book’ is a virtue and spiritual gift for the one who reads from it even without understanding.

This pendant has been given an ancient look with a special design symbolising the ‘Zohar Book’. 
The pendant in this necklace is a sterling silver 18K white Gold plated.
This Pendant can be worn daily or for special occasion.

Length: cm

Width: cm

Cord: 18″ Black waxed cotton cord.

For adding Zohar’s specialised wire work or for any other requests, Please click here and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

As every piece of jewellery is hand made by me especially for you, please allow slight variations and enough time for production (5-7 days) and shipping to your desired location


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